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builders and developers of stakeholder-focused real estate solutions


About Us

It is our mission to create singular real estate projects that improve the quality of life for the stakeholder in each of our business’ three key facets. Whether that be the craftsman during the build of a charming custom home, the community of neighbors that reap the benefits of developments that deliver wholesome environments, or the investors entrusting us to yield a healthy return on their personal fortunes. While we are visionaries that spearhead our projects, we are simply a sum of all the lives involved in the actualization of a real estate venture.





Our Passion

Building is where our passion for real estate and construction began when Bobby Arnold set out on his first entrepreneurial endeavor over 25 years ago. After the build and sale of his first home he was hooked. Over time Bobby built a custom home design-build company that has designed and built stunning abodes for some of the most high-profile clients in the Central Texas region. Sought after for his innovative designs and craftsmanship, methodical construction implementation, and his dedication to honesty and integrity, Bobby has left his mark on the fine homebuilding industry.




Our Pursuit

Over 10 years ago we took our creative approach to design, innovative construction practices, and building contacts outside of the home’s walls in pursuit of creating unparalleled communities for our homeowners. Subsequently we have ventured into an array of residential and commercial developments that include master-planned mixed-use communities, multi-story townhomes, self-storage facilities, and professional office space. The type of real estate product that we construct has evolved, but our focus on delivering impactful locations has lived on.



Our Responsibility

Throughout our business’ transformation and progress we have refined our focus on our role in the real estate world, but we have maintained a firm principle of investing in secure assets that deliver healthy returns. Whether that asset be a first-time home purchase for a young family or an intricate multimillion dollar investment development for a private individual’s fortune, we conduct our business with complete integrity, honesty, purpose, and loyalty to deliver real estate solutions that yield robust and safe earnings.

A Map of Our Work


Our past and current projects range from 100-acre master-planned communities with mixed-use space to 480 unit self-storage facilities. Focusing in on undervalued real estate assets, we create a vision to revitalize the land and manage every stage of the development process in-house. Shaping the land into valuable real estate assets that deliver healthy returns and enduring positive effects on the surrounding community is our pursuit.

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